Sneaker Mistakes That Could Cause You Foot Pain

Have you ever preferred walking bare foot? Or rather prefer dancing barefoot at a social function like a wedding? If the answer is yes, then you probably know the meaning of foot pain caused by sneakers. In fact, buying elastic purple shoelaces can give you comfort, but there’s more to it.

Your Feet Matter

Your foot has owned the big task of sustaining the impact of standing and supporting your body weight while running, walking and almost everything you are involved in throughout the day. When not given proper care, feet develop some conditions like blisters, hammertoes, and others. Uncomfortable sneakers may also cause pain in parts beyond the foot, like the back, knees among others.

Having known all about your foot, there are some sneaker mistakes which might cause us discomforts, so read more about it below.

Failing to Track the Size of Your Foot

Foot size and shape do change over a period of time. Some tendons and ligaments become loose as the age grows. This combined with the change in weight of the body causes changes in the shape and size of foot.

Being Unaware of Your Arches

There are two types of foot based on arches —  low-arched and high-arched. The demands of the two are totally different. For someone with low arches, curves between balls and heels are closer to the ground. In someone with high arches, the foot has wider gaps. The curves of your sneakers should support your arches, hence supporting your foot and the rest of the body.

Walking a lot with Sneakers Designed for the Wrong Purpose

Sneakers are usually designed according to the purpose they serve. In as much as high heeled sneakers may seem cute, they are not for long distance walks. Sneakers you wear should match the activity you plan on doing. The weight of your body is pushed forward to the balls of your foot when you wear high heel boots. This puts much pressure on your joints and muscles, hence causing strain and pain.

Choosing Sneakers Based on Appearance

Do not just buy fancy sneakers based solely on their appearance and fitness. Choose a pair based on the activity and purpose. You may be a model, but choosing sneakers for modeling purpose is as good as nothing. Have a variety of sneakers for a range of workouts.

Ignoring Insoles or not Understanding Their Purpose

You may not be comfortable using insoles that come along with your sneakers. The pain might not be bearable when using insoles.  It is advisable to choose a stiffer insole if you have a flat foot. Choose a more cushioned insole if your feet have high arches.

As soon as soles show signs of being worn out, it is advisable to change them without any delay as the soles affect the shape, hence altering the way your feet strike the ground.

Also, consider buying purple shoelaces that come with flexible and elastic material to make your sneaker-wearing time comfortable and easy on the go.

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